Once, every aspect of a project fell to the project manager. But, with sidelines like IT and telecommunications becoming more complicated by the day, it’s no longer possible for one person to manage everything.

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That’s where implementation coordinators come in. They take the pressure off project managers when it comes to things like integrating technologies or facilitating meetings. It also falls on an implementation coordinator to ensure all communications within a project run as smooth as possible at all times.

What Does a Day as an Implementation Coordinator Look Like?
As with any project management-based role, no two days are the same for an implementation coordinator. Broadly, these individuals work with a team on a project-to-project basis. Still, some tasks which an implementation coordinator can expect to encounter through a working day include -

Planning and executing information systems on various platforms
Ensuring projects adhere to time frames and budgets
Informing implementation managers about technological or communication difficulties
Addressing concerns of new processes
Working with a team to identify and resolve issues
Monitoring all phases of a project
Rolling out a schedule for implementation